Monday, September 17, 2018

Join us for the PCC Meeting and New Parent Volunteer Training TONIGHT!

September 17, 2018

New Parent Volunteer Training (Starting at 6:30pm)

PCC Meeting Agenda (Starting at 7pm)

  1. Committees/Committee Members
      KidStuff Coupon
                                           i.         Help packing/distributing
                                         ii.         Organizing Collecting books/returning money/non purchased books (how did we keep track of)
      Fall Harvest Basket/Raffle
      Teacher Help/Prep (ongoing, bi-weekly)
      Community Outreach
      Social Committee (playdates, etc)
      Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
      Fun Fair (June)

  1. SpiritWear
      Next steps
                                           i.         Getting a new distributor?
                                         ii.         Or, just having print/pics all black and white

  1. Newsletter distribution
      Collecting and sharing emails
      Will use FB, groupvine and blog for now

  1. School Improvement
      Toaster oven
      Supplies for teacher room

  1. Enrichment
      Yoga for Kids
-        Big Ryan’s Storyteller
-        Activate Storytime (only through October)
-        Mr. Vinny’s Shadow puppet

  1. Principal Update
      Plan to establish  School Council
      School Improvement Plan Summary
      Back Pack Program…Food Pantry Volunteer request

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