Wednesday, December 21, 2016

So much fun with parents visiting Miss Marylin's class!

This week Miss Marylin tried something new--she invited parents or guardians into school for a taste of what their child's preschool day is like! It was really busy, but so much fun! Here are some pictures...

Parents were greeted with a schedule so they knew what to expect!
Miss Marylin read Gingerbread Baby to the students and they were able to actively act out the story...

Together we all read this chant every time the gingerbread
 baby would run in the story!

Miss Marylin introduced which centers were open
 by opening her treasure box and bringing out a sample
 (the doll house was on of the choices).

Another center was decorating gingerbread baby cookies. Each child had to count out just
10 pieces of candy for their cookie!

Even I joined in the fun with my little friend!

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