Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Our Family Unit is Well Underway!

A peek around the school from last week....learning about families!

Making houses at the craft table!

And another one!

Miss Elizabeth is teaching how to change the baby!

This family is so excited to be service a yummy meal, "Mom, can you pick up milk on your way home today?"

In Miss Chris' room, students were curious about mustaches on daddies and uncles and grandpas, so they made some mustaches to play with...

...and then they practiced shaving faces with shaving cream and Popsicle stick razors, just the men in our lives!

Some students were practicng how to kind and gentle daddies, "I can feed the baby."

In Miss Becky's room students were drawing pictures of the members of their families.

They worked so hard on each one!

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