Monday, October 24, 2016

Just a few things I noticed walking around ECDC today...

Miss Sha and her friends working on writing their names and drawing pictures that represent ideas.

Miss Marylin working on cooperative play skills in dramatic play!

Miss Randi and her friends peeling apples to make applesauce!

Weighing real apples--boy did they smell yummy!

Miss Julie brought in a giant branch for students to paint!

Miss Marylin's class harvested sunflowers today...look for them at our Curriculum Open House on Tuesday from 5:30-7pm! 

Miss Elizabeth's students were "shooting hoops" in the Motor Room!

Miss Joanne helped students use their tummy muscles to zip down the ramp on the scooter board!

Miss Elizabeth was coaching students through the obstacle course:
jumping, balancing on the balance boards and then fall hopscotch!

Miss Becky's students were singing and acting out "5 Black and Shiny Crows," taking turns being the Scarecrow
and scaring the crows away!

Students in Miss Chris' class were diligently working at the writing table.

I love to see so much active learning here at at #FranklinECDC!

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