Friday, September 9, 2016

Lots of excitement at ECDC this week!

Miss Becky's class practicing walking to their classroom singing
 "Put your finger on the wall, on the wall..."

Someone was glad to see me!
Building with blocks and making trains with friends!

In Miss Jen's room, getting to know each other in the quiet area...

and while playing with Miss Julie!

Miss Randi's room is hearing which games they will be playing
in small groups--today it was Zingo and Fishing!

Some of Miss Elizabeth's crew having snack.

Building with ramps and cars in Ms. Elizabeth's room.

Miss Heather and friends in dramatic play.

Miss Marylin talking about "responsibility" and introducing
the jobs students will have in her classroom.

A wonderful poem in Miss Marylin's classroom to help students
 feel safe and happy with the transition to school.

Snack time in Miss Chris' room!

Dramatic play in Miss Becky's room.

Talking about what we are writing and drawing in Miss Becky's room.

Someone found a quiet spot to do what he loves-read his books!

Practicing cutting with Miss Sandra!

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