Thursday, September 1, 2016

ECDC Orientation was a Great Success!

Nurse Mary talking to families about food allergy safety.
Miss Tara building with the crew and connecting with mom while playing!

Terrific collaborative building project...cant wait to see what this class can do!

How tall can we build it?

Miss Randi talking to families about the routines and rituals in her classroom.

Miss Becky showing mom what's in the folder and what she needs to know for the first day of school!

Miss Jane showing our new friend how the Sit and Spin works!

Friends exploring!
Miss Jen talking with families at Orientation!

Nurse Mary sharing health and wellness information.

Miss Marylin introducing families to what preschool will look like in her classroom.

Miss Elizabeth getting to know her new students.

Students building together in their new classroom.

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