Friday, January 29, 2016

Austin and Paris, his Service Dog, visit ECDC!

Some of our classrooms read Laura Numeroff's brand new book : Raising a Hero! A story about a service dog named, Max.
Austin, a student at the Jefferson Elementary School and his own service dog, Paris (and mom, too) came to teach us all about how Paris helps keep Austin Safe at home and school.
Mom asked Austin questions about Paris and he answered with is iPad! Mom explained to the students that Paris' most important job is to warn them when Austin is having a seizure. Austin told us that "She licks me to let me know I am having a seizure," and "She sleeps in my bed." Mom also explained that Paris only barks if Austin is having a seizure to let his grown ups know.

Paris showed  us how she could give a high five!
Paris also showed us how she lays on top of Austin and nuzzles him to help him calm down. She also showed us how she can find Austin if he is lost.

Paris greeted everyone who wanted to say hi!

Austin and his mom brought Paris to a couple of classrooms.

We are so grateful to Austin and his family for sharing Paris with us and helping us learn all about the important work of service dogs.