Friday, October 23, 2015

Down on the Farm!

What a wonderful time we all had at our Down on the Farm! Family Curriculum Night!
Farmer Kelty welcoming families as we kicked off our Family Curriculum Night!
In Miss Becky's room, families explored with fruits and vegetables,
 setting out answer these questions:

How did our vegetables grow?
What do they look like on the outside?
What do they look like on the inside?
What do they smell like or feel like?

Students then were able to document what they learned, an important step in both beginning writing and scientific experimentation!
Kale we grew and harvested from our ECDC community garden!
Exploring the inside and outside of real fruits and veggies!
Printing with peppers and apples was so much fun!

What do you find inside an apple?

Documenting by drawing pictures of what they explored.
In Miss Chris's classroom, 
families explored the properties of pumpkins, 
trying to find the answers to questions like:

Will this pumpkin roll?
Which pumpkin rolls fastest?
How do we roll it (on its side or from top to bottom) to make it 
move faster?
Are pumpkins hard or soft?
How many T's can we hammer in the big pumpkin?
Ready! Set! GOOOOO!

Rolling on its side made it go faster! And look, it even bounced!

Brothers and sisters worked together to solve problems!

Working together to pound some T's!
 In Miss Marylin's classroom, families explored the farm 
through their 5 senses!

In this classroom, families trying to answer questions like:
Which tastes better, apple juice or apple cider?
What am I smelling? Do I like it?
How does hay feel?
What do I hear? What does it sound like?

Children and families explore the touch bins.

Conducting a taste test, and documenting the results!
Miss Jen asking a friend if he likes the smell of the pumpkin!

Using the sense of touch to match textures that feel the same.
 In Miss Randi's Classroom, families learned about how cows 
make milk and we can make butter. 

Some of the questions families were challenges with included:
Where does cow's milk come from?
How do you milk a cow?
How do you make butter?
How long does it take to shake, shake shake the cream into butter?
How does the cream change?
Does the butter taste good?

Farmer Jen ready to help little farmers "milk" the cow!
Miss Terri showing one of our little friends how squeeze the udder to get the cow's "milk."
Pretty cool to "milk" a cow!

Miss Randi so excited to share the butter that just turned!

Brothers and sisters working together!
Families tasting butter (and mommy still shake, shake, shaking another batch)!

In Miss Elizabeth's room, families used different types of blocks 
and other things to engineer fences for our farm animals. 
They also worked together to engineer some ramps for a pumpkin roll.

Families had to determine:
 How big does the fence need to be for these animals?
How will the animals get in and out?
Is the fence strong enough?
Is the ramp high enough? 
Is the ramp too high or too low?
Is the ramp strong enough? 
How do we stop the pumpkin at the end of the ramp?

Working with mom to make a fence for a couple of beautiful horses.

Even big brothers got into the fun!

A pig pen!

Family ramp building!
Another Ramp!
Miss Jen's class hosted Miss Elaine in our Motor Room!
Miss Elaine kept families engaged with her farm-themed music and movement session!
Many thanks to the PCC for sponsoring Miss Elaine!

Students and Miss Elaine sing the Apple Tree song!

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