Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Kindergarten Transition Activities!

Kindergarten Transition Activities!

So the big transition is getting closer for those of you with students who will be going to kindergarten in the fall…but we are here to help you through!

Kindergarten Information Night
This an opportunity for a brief tour of the school and a presentation by the principal and kindergarten team to introduce you to the building, the routines, the curriculum and the expectations for your student.
J.F. Kennedy Elementary    May 14th              @6 pm
Parmenter Elementary        May 14th              @6pm
Helen Keller Elementary      May 20th              @6pm
Davis Thayer Elementary    May 21st              @6pm
Oak Street Elementary         May 27th              @6pm
Jefferson Elementary           May 28th              @6pm

Come “Play” with your child’s new Principal and 
PCC leaders at the ECDC Playground!
Laura Kirshkaln has organized playground dates for families attending the same elementary school! This is an opportunity for you to not only meet your child’s principal and PCC representative, but to also have your child connect with, through play, other children going to the same elementary school. The principals will be available for about 30 minutes, but families are welcome to stay and play after we leave. Laura has scheduled play dates as follows:

If your child will be attending        please join us at 3:30 on
Charter                                                     May 27th
Davis Thayer                                            May 28th
Keller                                                        June 1st
Oak Street                                                June 4th
Jefferson                                                  June 8th
Parmenter                                                June 10th
Kennedy                                                  June 11th 
Please note that we are still awaiting confirmation from the Charter School. We will still hold our play date even if the principal is not able to attend!

Family Fun Fair
This year our Fun Fair is scheduled for the 23rd of June. All of our families who are transitioning to Kindergarten will be given stickers with their new elementary school to wear that day, both parents and students. Last year was the first year we tried this, and families really liked being able to see who was going to the same school and were able to make some nice connections!

Also, students who are transitioning to kindergarten are still eligible to attend our ECDC summer program. This can provide students a bit of continuity and keep their skills sharp over the summer months. Please be sure to register as soon as possible! You can contact Laura in the office for the application.
Families can request multiple sessions, please note it on the application.

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