Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Here's to Healthy Teeth

Last week Nurse Mary arranged for Dental Associates of Walpole to visit ECDC for our annual dental health presentations. Miss Liz brought with her Charlie, her large puppy puppet, and together they talked to us about eating healthy and caring for our teeth!  Students and teachers join Miss Liz and Charlie for a dancing game,  “dancing” when she showed healthy snacks like apples, carrots, and grapes and “freezing” when it was not so healthy choice, like ice cream, cake or gummies. 

Miss Liz even brought her dentist puppet and together they showed the students some of the tools they use at the dentist, the mirrors, the tooth counter, the suction (Mr. Thirsty) and even the mask worn by the dentist.  Each child also got to practice brushing teeth with a giant tooth brush on one of three stuffed animals or a large set of demo teeth!

It was great to hear the students suggest things like “Don’t forget to brush your gums, it’s very important!” or talk about their trip to the dentist and the different flavors of tooth paste they tried.

Each child also received a gift bag with tooth paste and a tooth brush from our dental friends…Here’s to healthy teeth!

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