Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Couple of Updates

Curriclum Connection:
Where to the animals go in the snow?
This is an interesting question that was posed to the students during one of my walkthroughs last week. Students had some really great answers and ideas:
“They still need to eat and they need to be warm.”
“The go out and then go back to their habitat.”
“Some hibernate. They stay inside”

Students are learning about woodland animals and clearly they are grasping the important concepts of hibernation and woodland habitats. Have you and your child seen any animals in the snow? Birds? Deer? Squirrels? Have you seen any animal tracks in the snow and if you did, could you figure out what type of animal it was? What did you notice about the animals you did see? If you see something interesting, take a picture, or draw a picture with your child, and send it in to school!

Winter Safety:

Dress for the weather:
Please remember that here at ECDC we go outside every day that it is safe to do so and it is important that you send your child with snow pants, boots, mittens and a hat!  We love to play in the snow!

Safety after School:
Please keep your children off the snow banks! I know the mountains of snow along the parking lot are so exciting, but the risk of having a child fall off the top of the snow mountain onto, or even under, a car is just too great!   A safer choice would be to play in the snow just outside our windows.

Kindergarten Registration:
This year we are working to simplify and streamline the Kindergarten Registration process for current ECDC families. Here at ECDC, we will be collecting and coordinating the required documentation, as well as scheduling Kindergarten Screenings (once the dates become available). By taking these new steps, we will expedite your child’s registration and eliminate the need for you to attend the district-wide registration.  Within the next week all families with children entering Kindergarten will receive a packet of information with more details!

February Tuition payments are now due! If you have any questions, please contact Laura Flanagan.

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