Friday, September 21, 2018

Fall Newsletter is here!

The ECDC Fall Newsletter is here!
Click here to view it!

Keeping Children and Staff Safe at School

Ensuring the safety and security of all our students is a top priority in the Franklin Public Schools, and that is definitely true here at ECDC. Our first curriculum unit, “Building A Classroom Community,” engages students in making classroom connections, discovering their way around the building and recognizing who works in our school, as well as learning about each other and making friends. Student are also learning during this unit that rules keep us safe, it is important it is to follow teacher directions.  Throughout the school year, our staff and students practice safety drills, where following directions and rules are really important, in an effort to prepare for an emergency.

You can click here to view a letter sent home in backpacks this week about school safety drills.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Join us for the PCC Meeting and New Parent Volunteer Training TONIGHT!

September 17, 2018

New Parent Volunteer Training (Starting at 6:30pm)

PCC Meeting Agenda (Starting at 7pm)

  1. Committees/Committee Members
      KidStuff Coupon
                                           i.         Help packing/distributing
                                         ii.         Organizing Collecting books/returning money/non purchased books (how did we keep track of)
      Fall Harvest Basket/Raffle
      Teacher Help/Prep (ongoing, bi-weekly)
      Community Outreach
      Social Committee (playdates, etc)
      Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
      Fun Fair (June)

  1. SpiritWear
      Next steps
                                           i.         Getting a new distributor?
                                         ii.         Or, just having print/pics all black and white

  1. Newsletter distribution
      Collecting and sharing emails
      Will use FB, groupvine and blog for now

  1. School Improvement
      Toaster oven
      Supplies for teacher room

  1. Enrichment
      Yoga for Kids
-        Big Ryan’s Storyteller
-        Activate Storytime (only through October)
-        Mr. Vinny’s Shadow puppet

  1. Principal Update
      Plan to establish  School Council
      School Improvement Plan Summary
      Back Pack Program…Food Pantry Volunteer request

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Important dates to remember!

Hello families!

What a wonderful first couple of weeks we have had! Students are making friends, learning about each other and learning our school routines!

Here are some important upcoming dates to remember, but you should also visit our ECDC Dates to Remember page on the ECDC Principal Page blog for a current and complete listing!  Also the ECDC Fall Newsletter will be out your email and the ECDC Blog!

Parent Volunteer Training                 September  17th @ 6:30 pm (before the PCC meeting)
PCC Meeting                                           September  17th @ 7pm
No School:  Yom Kippur                 September 19th
September  20 @7pm 3rd Fl 355 E Central St
Parent Volunteer Training                September  21 @ 9:30 am
No School: Columbus Day                   October 8th
Coffee and Conversation with the Principal
(with Paul Marano, Interim Director of Student Services)
October 11th @ 9:30am
ELL Playgroup                            October  11th at 1:45pm
PCC Meeting                              October  15th @ 7pm
Family Curriculum Night                 October  25th 5:30-7:30 pm

Kelty Kelley, Principal
F. X. O'Regan Early Childhood Development Center
224 Oak Street
Franklin, MA 02038
Phone:     508-541-8166
Fax:        508-541-8254

"There is no hand so small that it cannot leave an imprint on the world!" Klub Kidz

Thursday, August 30, 2018


Today's Orientation Schedule (8-30-18)!

9:00 am                   Miss Chris' M-W-F AM
                                 Miss Marylin M-W-F AM

10:30 am                 Miss Elizabeth
                                 Miss Julie and Miss Jen
                                 Miss Meg
                                 Miss Becky
                                 Miss Chris' T-TH
                                 Miss Marylin's T-TH

11:30 am                  ECDC PCC Playground Playdate

12:45pm                  Miss Chris' M-W-F PM
                                 Miss Marylin's M-W-F PM

Monday, August 20, 2018

First PCC Meeting is September 17th @ 7pm at ECDC—all are welcome!

What is the ECDC PCC? PCC stands for Parent Communication Council which consists of a group of parent/caregiver volunteers, the principal, and an ECDC staff member.  The group organizes events at school like the Fun Fair, Teacher Appreciation Week, as well as Enrichment programs for teachers and students, like Barn Babies.  But, we can’t do it alone and we are always looking for new ideas to help the teachers make an even greater difference in the lives of our students.
Please consider joining the ECDC PCC! It's a fun, relaxed setting and a great way to be connected with what’s going on at school and meet other parents and caregivers. We meet just one night a month but you can still join our community, even if you cannot participate monthly!  There is NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED, we'll walk you through everything!

We are also looking to fill the following positions for next year:


      FUNDRAISING Coordinator

Please email PCC President, Jenn Markham, at if you are interested in joining our community and/or to share your email address for PCC related info/events.  


Click here for the PCC MEETING SCHEDULE 

Tuesday, August 14, 2018


Watch your snail mail!

ECDC classroom placement letters are being mailed to families on August 15th!

Families will also get an invitation in this packet to their child's classroom ORIENTATION on August 30th! 

The ECDC PCC will hold a playground play date at the ECDC playground on August 30th--ALL ECDC FAMILIES ARE WELCOME!

The PCC will have ECDC Spiritwear avaialble for sale at ORIENTATION!

The first day of school for ECDC will be Tuesday September 4th!